Thèmes des journées


  • Thème 1 : Techniques expérimentales
    • The use of structural experimental techniques in the determination of the equilibrium between phases (thermal methods, spectroscopies, diffractions, imagery ...)
  • Thème 2 : Modélisation et simulation
    • Thermodynamic modeling and coupling with kinetics (desalination,calcium-carbon balanced….)
    • ab initio studies (simulation, modeling),

  • Thème 3 : Applications des diagrammes de phases
    • The applications of phase equilibrium to the environment,
    • The design and engineering of materials,
    • The use of diagrams in the pharmaceutical industry   (nucleation, polymorphisms, cosmetic formulation ... ),
    • The high-tech application of phosphate materials with very high added values (storage of energy with Li-ion batteries, frequency doublers (SHG), glasses for Laser Matrices, etc.)
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